Felling site, Ludzas county, 442.37 m3, #1301 (re-auction)

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Atrašanās vieta Mērdzenes parish, Ludzas county, Austrumlatgales region, Latvia
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Property cadastral reference: 68720060044
Cadastral polygon of the land parcel:
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Total volume:
442.37 m3
Species Total volume m3
Clear cut
White alder 267.32
Black alder 68.86
Spruce 58.67
Brich 31.35
Aspen 15.45
Oak 0.66
Linden 0.06
Total 442.37
Distance to AGK: 300.00 m
Logging conditions: Average
Total area of felling sites: 3.84 ha
No. Deforestation type Total area ha
1. Clear cut 3.84
Deforestation types: Clear cut
Payment deadline: 27.10.2023
Logging deadline: 31.12.2025
Auction ended:
20.10.2023 10:00
Start price:
9 800.00
Final price:
9 900.00
Price growth: € 100.00
No. Bidder Time Bid EUR
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Krišjānis Siliņš
Krišjānis Siliņš
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