• Skujkoku mežs - priede un egle

    Softwood felling site auctions indicate a price increase

    The price of softwood pulpwood has risen to 74 to 75 euros per cubic meter. This increase has significantly impacted the cost of softwood tare logs, which have now reached 77 to 78 euros per cubic meter. This trend illustrates a usual correlation between the prices of pulpwood and tare logs. Positive trends can also be observed in the softwood sawlog market. The softwood sawlog price has reached 85 EUR/m3 on average, but in some places even 96 EUR/m3, as well as the demand for conifer logs has risen.

  • Skujukoku mežs, dominējošā suga - priede

    The increase in the price of pulpwood at the beginning of 2024

    No particularly important price fluctuations have been observed so far. Softwood pulpwood prices have increased from 58 euros per cubic meter at the beginning of the year to 70 euros per cubic meter today. Birch pulpwood prices have increased from 55 euros per cubic meter at the beginning of the year to 59 euros per cubic meter today.

  • Mežā ir iebraukusi e-silva automašīna

    The fall in wood prices in 2023

    The year is coming to an end, and the last few years have passed behind us, which were more turbulent than each other both in the world as a whole, and also in the forest industry, in the prices of logs. This period has been full of challenges and changes, where economic and geopolitical events have affected not only global markets, but also the dynamics of our local forest industry.

  • Meža vidū tiek būvēta koka būdiņā

    Sawlog prices in the decline due to construction

    The decline in construction volume has significantly reduced the need for construction materials in the Baltic Sea region, and as a result, the demand for various types of wood industry products has experienced a decline. Prices continued to fall in all market segments in Latvia's wood market in June.

  • Rīts priežu mežā

    Wood prices in the shadow of emergency situation

    The wood market in April and May was still dictated by the state of emergency declared at the beginning of April to fight the bark beetle. In accordance with the established restrictions of the emergency situation, spruce felling sites will be strictly limited until the end of June, which means that not only the volume of wood on the Latvian market is shrinking, but also the forest development industry is stagnating.

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