• Forvarders

    Logging prices in the private sector

    August was marked by a shortage of wood and rising logging costs, in addition to the geopolitical situation associated with rising fuel prices and insufficient availability of work opportunities. In the month of August, there was a noticeable drop in the price of softwood sawlogs. At the very end of the month there was a dramatic rise, as a result the average softwood price even increased by almost 4% for pine and 6% for spruce sawlogs. The prices of raw materials for firewood and pellets continue to rise moderately.

  • Koku augstumi cirsmā

    Pulpwood price records and market fluctuations

    In the first half of 2022, the price of wood in Latvia has experienced unprecedented fluctuations, starting with atypical price changes to an unfulfillable foreign demand for Latvian wood. Price fluctuations were closely related to the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

  • Lapukoku cirsma

    Deciduous tree prices - energy wood rises

    Problems in the availability of construction materials such as metal and insulation, increasing transport costs and inflation have reduced demand and the average price of thick softwood logs in Latvia by almost 3% in June. At the same time, the demand for firewood increased the prices of hardwood firewood by 8%.

  • Koku augstumi skujkoku cirsmā

    The demand for coniferous sawlogs is decreasing

    At the end of May 2022, the demand for softwood normalized and the prices of softwood sawlogs experienced a slight drop. Meanwhile, energy wood prices reached unusual heights for May, and the demand for all wood types in Latvia is also growing. Due to the expected complete exit of the sanctioned regions - Russia and Belarus - from the European market, as well as logistical problems and the generally uncertain situation, the sawlog market will be difficult to predict.

  • Mežā rīts

    Wood prices rise, foreign interest increases

    April 2022 was marked by an increase in wood prices for all kinds of assortments, which can be explained by general inflation and the demand for technological wood - firewood and pulpwood. The price of small conifer sawlogs also increased proportionally. Foreign interest in buying technological wood and wood chips in Latvia has also increased, which is a consequence of the absence of Russian and Belarusian products on the market.