Customer privacy statement

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide individual customer with information about Forest Mentor Group services: information on the purpose of personal data usage, amount, data protection, processing tine and rights of the data subject during the collection of personal data and processing of the customer's personal data.

protection of your personal data is very important to us. We therefore care about your privacy and the protection of personal data, respecting your right to the lawfulness of the processing of personal data in accordance with applicable law - Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of data (Regulation) and other applicable privacy and data processing legislation.

Contact information of the manager

The controller of personal data processing is SIA “Forest Mentor Group”, reg. no. 40103908547, legal address: Brivibas Street 64-3, LV-1011, Riga (Forest Mentor).

Forest Mentor's contact information on issues related to personal data processing is: vl.rotnemtserof@ofni. You can ask a question about the processing of personal data using this contact information or by contacting Forest Mentor's registered office. A request for the exercise of one's rights may be made in accordance with paragraph number 24.

Purposes of personal data processing

If you wish to receive the Forest Mentor service, Forest Mentor will request and process your data (eg name, surname, personal identification number, contact information and, depending on the requested service, other information, such as current account information, etc.) to prepare a service offer and sign a service agreement. The conclusion of the agreement is not possible without the processing of your data.

Forest Mentor processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • To provide services to customers:
    • customer identification;
    • agreement preparation, conclusion preparation and proof of the conclusion of the agreement preparation;
    • provision of services (fulfillment of contractual obligations);
    • improvement of services, development of new services;
    • client service;
    • reviewing and processing submissions and objections;
    • settlement administration;
    • maintenance and improvement of the website.
  • For the provision of information to public administration institutions and subjects of operational activities in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments.
  • For other specific purposes, of which the Customer is informed at the time he provides the relevant data to Forest Mentor.

Legal basis for personal data processing

Forest Mentor processes the Client's personal data on the basis of the following legal bases:

  • for concluding and executing the agreement - to enter into the agreement upon the Client's application and ensure its execution;
  • for compliance with regulatory enactments - to fulfill the obligation specified in the external regulatory enactments binding on Forest Mentor;
  • in accordance with the consent of the Customer data policy;
  • in legitimate interests - to realize the legitimate interests of Forest Mentor and the client, arising from the obligations between of the signed agreement or law;
  • to ensure the vital interests of the data subject or another individual person - to ensure the physical and property security of the persons, both – customers and visitors.

Forest Mentor's legitimate interests are:

  • to carry out business activities;
  • to provide forest management and felling auction services;
  • verify the Customer's identity before concluding the agreement;
  • to ensure the fulfillment of agreement obligations;
  • to analyze the operation of the Forest Mentor website, to develop and implement its improvements;
  • to design and develop services;
  • advertise your goods and services;
  • send reports on the progress of the contract and events relevant to the performance of the contract;
  • to ensure and improve the quality of services;
  • to apply to state administration and operational activities institutions and courts to protect their legal interest.

Categories of recipients of personal data

Forest Mentor implements appropriate data protection measures to ensure that your personal data is not accessed by third parties who do not have the appropriate legal basis to process it. We carefully select the processors of personal data and, when transferring data, evaluate its necessity and the amount of data to be transferred. The transfer of data to processors is carried out in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and secure processing of personal data.

Your personal data may be transferred to:

  • our employees who need it to perform their job responsibilities;Mūsu darbiniekiem, kam tas ir nepieciešams darba pienākumu izpildei;
  • cooperation partners - IT developers and maintainers, transport service providers, auditors, financial management and legal consultants;
  • state institutions upon receipt of a substantiated request, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments;
  • Forest Mentor for the protection of legitimate interests in cases specified in external regulatory enactments, for example, by filing a lawsuit or other state institutions against a person who has violated our legitimate interests.

Transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA

Forest Mentor does not transfer your personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Duration of personal data storage

Forest Mentor stores and processes your personal data as long as at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • only as long as the agreement concluded with the client is valid;
  • the data are necessary only for the purpose for which they were received;
  • while Forest Mentor or the Client may realize its legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures specified in external regulatory enactments (for example, submit objections or bring or bring a claim to court);
  • as long as one of the parties has a legal obligation to keep the data (for example, according to the Accounting Law, the company must keep the invoices issued for 5 years, etc.);
  • as long as the Customer's consent to the relevant personal data processing is valid, if there is no other legal basis for data processing.

Once these circumstances have ended, your personal data will be securely deleted.

The customer's request for the provision of services based on Forest Mentor's legitimate interests is kept for 6 (six) months from the date of receipt of the request, and then deleted.

Access to personal data and other customer rights

In accordance with applicable law, you have rights to request access to your personal data, as well as to request Forest Mentor to supplement, correct or delete it, or to restrict processing in relation to the Customer, or to object to processing (including processing of personal data based on legitimate interests of Forest Mentor) as well as the right to data portability.

These rights can be exercised as so far as the processing of the data does not exceed the obligations of Forest Mentor imposed on it by the applicable laws and regulations and which are performed in the public interest.

You can make a request to exercise your rights:

  • in the form of a written application to the address of SIA “Forest Mentor Group”: Brīvības Street 64-3, LV-1011, Riga;
  • by writing to the e-mail address vl.rotnemtserof@ofni and signing the request with a secure electronic signature.

Upon receipt of a written request, we will verify your identity, evaluate the request and respond within the time period specified in regulatory enactments. We will fulfill your request in accordance with regulatory enactments.

You can unsubscribe from further commercial notifications or participation in surveys organized by us, lotteries, etc. by sending an e-mail with a relevant request to the e-mail address vl.rotnemtserof@ofni.

If you consider that the way we process your personal data is inappropriate, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your national data protection authority in the EU / EEA. In Latvia, it is the Data State Inspectorate. Contact information of the Data State Inspectorate is available here: https://www.dvi.gov.lv/lv.

Protection of personal data

Technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data in Forest Mentor are specified in the Internal regulatory documents, incl. Forest Mentor Information Systems Security Regulations. These measures include, for example: data encryption, firewalls, passwords, “need-to-know” access and other security measures in line with current technical developments.

Website visits and cookie handling

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Required cookies

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In some cases, some of the analytical cookies are managed by data processors (operators), such as Google Adwords, on behalf of the site owner, in accordance with its instructions and only for the specified purposes.

For what purposes Forest Mentor uses cookies

Forest Mentor uses cookies to improve the website experience:

  • ensure the functionality of the website;
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How long cookies are stored

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How to restrict and delete cookies

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Changes to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to review and make changes to this statement. Information about the changes will be indicated on our website, where the current version of the Policy will also be available.

Forest Mentor will regularly review and update this policy. The current version of Forest Mentor is published on the website www.e-silva.lv.

The current version was developed on 08.05.2020.