Felling sites price in Vidzeme

Potential value in the auction

Figures obtained based on auction figures in the past half a year.

Make-up of the example felling site

72.38 €/m3

Highest selling price for felling site in Vidzeme

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Species Total volume
Pine 59.96 %
Brich 16.72 %
Spruce 15.30 %
Others 8.01 %

Each piece of felling site or forest property is a unique auction lot, so we offer an individual, professional, facts-based valuation before each auction.

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How to sell a felling site at an auction?

To begin working with us, there is no need to sort out any documentation. We complete all the necessary preparatory work to ensure that you can sell your felling site.

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Deals made in Vidzeme

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