How to sell a forest?

Forest auctions

What is an auction?

The auction is the most efficient and transparent way to sell the forest. In the auction system, the forest property owner has the opportunity to sell the forest to the highest bidder from 200 companies integrated within the e-silva system. We not only determine the highest possible price for the forest during the auction but also guarantee a legally secure transaction.

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Who are we?

E-silva is a forest auction platform which operates as a unifying sales system for the forestry industry. At our auctions, the forest owner finds out the best buyer for their forest, and the buyer finds the best offers on logging services and roundwood procurement.

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What is necessary to
sell a forest?

We provide all the necessary documentation and formalities to help you successfully sell a forest.

  • Start price

    The forest owner sets the starting price for the auction. e-Silva can give an informative, free consultation to forest owners about calculating a starting price.

  • Forest inventory

    We prepare forest inventory (if the current one has expired or does not match the situation in real life) and submit it to the SFS (State Forest Service) to update it.

How is the transaction organized?

Once the auction closes, the highest offer is confirmed and e-Silva organizes the transaction between the involved parties, as well as offering full-service legal support to the forest owner.

  • Day 1

    We announce an auction

    Each auction participant receives a personal notification about the new object to be auctioned.

  • Day 2 - 7

    The auction participants familiarize themselves with the object

    The auction participants familiarize themselves with the object and view it in person.

  • Day 8

    The auction closes, and the highest bidder wins

    The auction winner and the highest price offered for the object are determined. The owner receives a personal notification about this via SMS.

  • Day 8 - 11

    The documentation for completing the transaction is prepared

    The purchase agreement is drawn up, and we organise for the buyer and forest owner to sign it.

  • Day 12 - 17

    First refusal on the purchase rejection confirmation from the local council

    We submit an application to the local council to receive confirmation that they reject their rights of first refusal on the purchase.

  • Day 17

    An application for registration is signed at a notary

    We organise a visit to a notary so that both parties can sign an application for registration in the presence of a notary, after which the owner will receive the transaction funds in their bank account without delay.

How is the price of the forest property set?

Income from the currently fellable area
Discounted income from future forest management
Forest property price

The forest owner can calculate their own forest price

In order to calculate the price for your own forest, you must determine the current volume of timber to be processed and its value, as well as the value of any timber to be processed in the future, which is discounted from today.

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