Sawing and delivery, Aizkraukles county, 189.15 m3, #1370 (re-procurement)

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Atrašanās vieta Daudzeses parish, Aizkraukles county, Sēlijas region, Latvia
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Property cadastral reference: 32500040003
Cadastral polygon of the land parcel:
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Total volume:
189.15 m3
Species Total volume m3
Continuous sanitary felling
Brich 142.59 (0.14)
Pine 40.58 (0.63)
Spruce 2.49 (0.09)
Aspen 2.10 (0.18)
Black alder 0.83 (0.17)
White alder 0.56 (0.09)
Total 189.15
Distance to AGK:
L.P. cadastral designation Plot Distance m
32500040004 7 150
32500040004 8 350
32500040004 13 300
32500040004 14 400
Undergrowth in felling site: Average
Terrain in felling site: Average flat
Logging conditions: Bad
Total area of felling sites: 2.47 ha
No. Deforestation type Total area ha
1. Continuous sanitary felling 2.47
Deforestation types: Continuous sanitary felling
Procurement ended:
18.01.2024 14:00
Necessary services:
Sawing and delivery
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The procurement has ended without results!
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Normunds Valts Štolcers
Normunds Valts Štolcers
Person responsible for the procurement